Meet the My41st Day Team

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring this exciting project to life.

Please allow me to introduce the My41st Day team. I’m Deacon Ken, a permanent deacon ordained in September of 2016.

It has been an interesting journey to get to this point. I have to admit I have slow-walked this project trying to do everything on my own. Just as the apostles realized they needed support to achieve the mission handed down to them from Christ, I finally accepted the virtue of humility and asked for help.

The team was formed with the addition of my wife Judy and Nora, who oversee research and selection of the inspirational saint contributions for each virtue. Additionally, Nora closely collaborates with my son Philip on editing and overall content structure.

Why are we here?

One of my responsibilities as a deacon is to share the joys which come from being in a relationship with Christ. When I’m asked, “How can I grow closer to Christ?” I explain, it is a combination of things, starting with prayer, closely followed by living a life journey in which you live by Christ’s teachings. I strongly believe if one works to intentionally make the virtues a habitual part of who they are, a closer union with Christ is soon to follow.

Judy, Nora, Philip, and I all humbly invite you to join our team, not just as a client, but also as an advocate for the joy, peace, and happiness which comes from living a virtue centered life.

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